Yang’s alternative costume appreciation. 


shitty roosterteeth jokes come and go but lightish red is forever

why would you play video games with other guys? Don't you have a boyfriend?


wat. Playing games with other people (despite their gender, orientation, etc.) =/= cheating on your significant other.

Every Minecraft youtuber ever



*Dubstep intro, animated pickaxes fly across the screen*
"Hey guys this is MinecraftGuy49Xx and this is episode 452 of Minecraft Hunger Games. Let’s get started! Ok so I got a wooden swo-OHMYGODTHERESAGUYWOAAAAAAHHHHHAHHHHH- Ok I killed him. So this is my spade named spady, he’s the one running joke so I have so you can tell me apart from the millions of other Minecraft LP-ers. Oh look I died, like and subscribe.”

I see no lies

You had Life with Derek in Spain?!?

Yeah! We did! I think it was called “Viviendo con Derek” or something like that. I loved it. 

I’m going to murder you a thousand times.